About Us

About Us
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Here at Full Of Life Recovery Center, our team of industry leaders in the addiction treatment field have come together to create a compassionate, flexible, and innovative drug rehab in New Jersey that helps those struggling with substance abuse and alcoholism. 

Early recovery is a challenging time, especially without having the proper foundation. The pressure to get back to everyday life and responsibilities can create overwhelming stress and has the potential to trigger a relapse. We are here to help you stand strong throughout this process. Recovery is more than just maintaining abstinence. Recovery is truly about fostering a mentally, emotionally, and physically peaceful and healthy lifestyle.

We are here to help you from the first phone call to a lifetime of support. We are proud of the fact that we have created a network of support resources that is available to anyone who has been effected by addiction. Full Of Life Recovery Center is more than just an addiction treatment facility, we are a recovery community centered around long-term compassionate support.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide premium, innovative, and evidence-based treatment that builds the foundation for long-term recovery for every single client that walks through our doors. We believe that quality care and a safe environment are the stepping stones to success in addiction recovery. 
We are an educated, compassionate, committed, and passionate team of industry leaders and innovators that take pride in our opportunity to help individuals and their families struggling with the painful effects of addiction and alcoholism.

Our Rehab In New Jersey

At Full Of Life Recovery Center, we offer safe and comfortable rehab in New Jersey. Our program fosters and supports the health and healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Our team of clinical experts helps you address substance abuse issues and co-occurring mental or physical health issues. Our comprehensive treatment plans enable you to begin your recovery journey with both structure and consistent support.

Full Of Life Recovery Center

At Full Of Life Recovery Center, we are a group of behavioral health and addiction professionals who are driven by the purpose of helping others. Our addiction treatment team delivers a one of a kind client experience through engaging, empowering, and innovative evidence-based treatments. We understand that every individual who comes to our facility different, and we embrace every piece of that. Thus, our clinical team designs unique and personalized treatment plans for every single client.

Furthermore, addiction has impacted each and every member of our team, so we personally understand what it is on the line when it comes to recovery. Through our personal experiences we are able to develop deep connections with our clients. Our passion is to lead our clients toward creative, healthy, balanced, and fulfilling substance-free lives.

Our diverse team of educated, credentialed, and licensed professionals all share in the joint mission to help clients and their loved ones overcome the struggles of addiction and alcoholism. Our commitment to our patients is for a lifetime. We stay connected through our alumni programs. Thus, we can continue to be there for them, long after they have graduated from our rehab in New Jersey. Learn more about Full Of Life Recovery Center’s unique approach to addiction treatment by contacting one of our admissions coordinators. 
rehab in new jersey

Everyone Deserves To Recover

Contact us today to learn more about our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs.

The Importance Of Connection

Here at Full Of Life Recovery Center, we understand the importance of connection in recovery. Thus, our care team helps build and develop honest and healthy connections between peers who are also in recovery. We also know the pain that addiction causes within family systems. Therefore, family involvement and therapy are an integral part of our treatment program. Our licensed therapists help clients to rebuild damaged relationships with their loved ones. Additionally, our therapists work one-on-one with families to help them process their own feelings surrounding their loved one's addiction and learn how to support them in healthy ways.

Our clinical team has the experience and understanding to help enact real change in those who are healing from addiction. We approach the recovery process by connecting with our clients to figure out how we can bring meaning, purpose, and joy back into their lives. Our goal is to provide accountability in an empowering and compassionate way. Our team acts as a supportive partner in the journey to complete independence. We understand the suffering that substance abuse causes, and we also know the powerful positive change that recovery brings. We believe recovery is possible for every single individual who comes into our care. We won’t give up on you, so don’t give up on yourself.
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Who We Are

Full Of Life Recovery Center is an innovator and leader in the addiction treatment field. We provide a multi-faceted approach to addiction treatment in the state of New Jersey. Our staff is well-versed in both addiction treatment and trauma-informed care through training, education, and personal experience. We take a compassionate approach to our clinical care methods. Many members of our team are in recovery themselves and can personally relate to our clients.

Our Facility

Our facility is fully licensed and credentialed to provide drug and alcohol treatment services in the state of New Jersey. Furthermore, our clinical and medical teams believe in treating addiction through evidence-based care that has been thoroughly researched and proven to build the foundation for long-term recovery. We believe that developing genuine connections and community is the cornerstone of healing for our clients. 

Our Clients

At Full Of Life Recovery Center our rehab in New Jersey provides a unique and personalized client experience. Our clinical team works one-on-one with each of clients in order to design a treatment plan that meets their specific needs. This treatment plan is adjusted throughout their stay with us to ensure that we are addressing all aspects of our clients' care. Furthermore, clients receive a lifetime of support. Our robust alumni program allows us to connect with our clients through in-person events, social media pages, virtual and in-person support group meetings, community outreach and more. Once someone steps foot inside our doors, they are forever a part of the Full Of Life family.

Our Drug & Alcohol Rehab In New Jersey Can Help You Find Freedom

At Full Of Life Recovery Center, we know that anyone can achieve recovery no matter what. If you or a loved one is struggling, reach out to us today. Remember, seeking addiction treatment is a courageous step towards reclaiming your life. With the right support, resources, and determination, recovery is possible. Don't hesitate to take the first step and reach out for the help you deserve. The admissions team at Full Of Life Recovery Center is here to walk with you ever step of the way.
rehab in new jersey