Drug Rehab In Marlton NJ

Drug Rehab In Marlton NJ

At Full Of Life Recovery Center’s drug rehab in Marlton NJ, we believe that recovery is possible for everyone, and we are committed to providing compassionate and evidence-based treatment to help you reclaim your life. Our state-of-the-art facility, nestled in the serene landscapes of New Jersey, offers a safe and nurturing environment where healing can flourish.

Your well-being and success are our top priorities. As you embark on this life-changing journey with us, we assure you that you will never be alone. Our compassionate staff will be there to guide you toward a healthier, happier future, where you can embrace a life free from the chains of addiction.

What is Drug Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction is a chronic disease characterized by compulsive, or uncontrollable, drug seeking and use despite harmful consequences and changes in the brain, which can be long-lasting. These changes in the brain can lead to harmful behaviors seen in people who abuse substances. The path to addiction begins with the voluntary act of taking drugs, but over time, a person’s ability to choose not to do so becomes compromised, and seeking and consuming the substance becomes compulsive. This behavior results largely from the effects of prolonged drug exposure on brain function.

Addiction affects the brain’s reward circuit, which produces feelings of pleasure when activated. Drugs take over this system, causing intense cravings and obsessions. With continued use, the brain adjusts to the excess dopamine caused by the drugs, diminishing its sensitivity and making it hard to derive pleasure from anything other than the drug.

  • Physical dependence is manifested by withdrawal symptoms when the drug use is interrupted.
  • Psychological dependence involves the need to use a drug to function normally and alleviate negative emotions.


Understanding that addiction is a complex, multifaceted issue is critical to addressing it effectively. It’s both a psychological condition and a physical affliction. Addressing only the physical aspect, such as through detoxification, without tackling the psychological underpinnings, can lead to relapses. Recovery programs in Marlton, NJ, like the one offered by Full Of Life Recovery Center, prioritize a holistic approach to treatment.

Holistic rehabilitation in Marlton strategies include:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Life skills workshops
  • Support groups and family therapy sessions
  • Medical and psychiatric care


The efficacy of addiction treatment heavily relies on the personalization of care. Each person’s journey requires a unique combination of services and therapies. Quality drug rehab in Marlton NJ not only addresses the detoxification process but also the rehabilitation and counseling necessary to uncover and treat the underlying causes of the addiction. This comprehensive approach aims to equip individuals with the tools needed to maintain long-term sobriety and rebuild their lives.

Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction

When a loved one is struggling with drug addiction it can be an extremely difficult thing to watch them go through. Drug rehab in Marlton NJ can help them get back to normal. Signs and symptoms that someone is addicted to these harmful substances can include:

  • Lying about the amount they are using, or lying about using.
  • Being secretive about where they are going, or what they are doing
  • Suddenly having issues with money with no explanation
  • Changes in sleeping patterns
  • They are sleepy or drowsy at inappropriate times
  • Erratic, unexplained behavior
  • Isolation
  • Slurred speech
  • Slow motor movements


The best way to know if someone is struggling is to simply ask. They may not be truthful about the severity of their use, but there is a chance they may ask for help and this is where drug rehab in New Jersey can help. These red flags can indicate that someone is struggling, and watching out for them helps someone to be able to identify there is a problem, and better have an open and honest conversation with their loved one.

New Jersey Addiction Statistics

Drug addiction remains a significant public health challenge in New Jersey, reflecting a broader national crisis. Recent statistics indicate a troubling rise in substance abuse, particularly involving opioids. New Jersey has seen a substantial increase in overdose deaths, with opioids, including prescription painkillers, heroin, and fentanyl, being the leading culprits.

The state’s rate of drug overdose deaths surpasses the national average, highlighting the severity of the crisis. Alcohol abuse also continues to be a concern, with a considerable number of cases reported annually. According to the NJ Department Of Human Services in 2021, there were 87,745 patients admitted into treatment facilities in New Jersey, which reflects an increase from the previous year. The most common drugs that were the cause for admission were: Alcohol (36%) and Heroin (38%).

These statistics not only underscore the urgency of addressing addiction but also the need for comprehensive treatment programs and preventive measures. The impact of this epidemic is widespread, affecting individuals, families, and communities across New Jersey, and necessitates a concerted effort from public health officials, medical professionals, and community organizations to combat the growing tide of addiction.

The Importance of Comprehensive Drug Rehab In Marlton NJ

When addressing drug and alcohol addiction, piecemeal solutions often fall short because they fail to address the multi-faceted nature of addiction. Comprehensive rehab services play a pivotal role in offering a more rounded and effective form of treatment. In Marlton, NJ, facilities prioritize a complete care package that melds various professional disciplines, including medicine, nursing, counseling, family therapy, and psychology. This integrated approach ensures that all bases are covered during the recovery process.

At the core of these comprehensive services is the understanding that addiction does not occur in isolation. Co-occurring disorders like depression and anxiety are frequently intertwined with substance abuse. A rehab center must assess and manage these conditions simultaneously. Addressing mental health issues in conjunction with addiction helps pave the way for a more stable and sustained recovery.

Clinical science supports the efficacy of treating addiction as a disease, similar to how one would treat chronic diseases like high blood pressure or diabetes. Multidisciplinary care that is evidence-based forms the backbone of the treatment approach in Marlton’s rehab services. Holistic treatments are tailored for individuals 18 and older, struggling not just with addiction, but the ripple effects it causes in their lives.

Patients have access to a spectrum of therapies and treatments designed to meet specific needs. Personalized care plans reflect a patient’s unique challenges and are crafted by a team of certified and highly trained staff. This patient-centric approach, grounded in clinical research, has been shown to improve treatment outcomes in alcohol and drug recovery, ensuring that each individual’s journey to sobriety is supported at every turn.

The path to recovery is paved with challenges, making the support from compassionate and knowledgeable staff a cornerstone of effective rehabilitation. Their presence through every step of the journey, from the initial assessment to ongoing efforts post-rehab, underscores the commitment to patient success and long-term sobriety.

Exploring Drug Rehab Options in Marlton, NJ

When seeking out drug rehab services in Marlton, NJ, individualized care is paramount. Each person’s journey towards recovery is unique, marked by personal histories, types of substances used, and individual goals. Marlton’s rehab centers understand this, offering personalized treatment plans that honor the person’s specific needs.

Accredited and licensed facilities stand at the forefront of quality care in addiction treatment. Accreditation is a badge of honor, signifying that a center meets rigorous standards for the services it provides. In Marlton, one can expect to find accredited rehab centers that offer evidence-based treatments, ensuring that each patient receives the best possible care based on the latest research.

Insurance plays a critical role in accessing rehab services. It’s essential to verify insurance coverage before committing to a program. Marlton’s treatment centers work with various insurance plans, easing the financial burden of rehab. With knowledgeable representatives on hand, they help navigate the insurance landscape, determining what treatments are covered and how to maximize benefits.

For those seeking an upscale recovery experience, luxury substance abuse treatment options are available. These programs offer a blend of high-quality care and exclusive amenities, set against serene backdrops. Recognized for their efficacy, these luxury programs provide a comfortable environment that supports the healing process. Despite their higher cost, they can fall within financial reach, either through insurance or tailored payment options.

Full Of Life Recovery Center caters to the diverse needs of Marlton and the broader South Jersey area. The center offers a comprehensive suite of services, including drug rehab, alcohol rehab, and aftercare support. Its strategic location makes it accessible for residents across the region, providing a beacon of hope for those grappling with substance abuse.

Personalized Detox and Rehab Programs at Full Of Life Recovery Center

Full Of Life Recovery Center offers comprehensive detox and rehab programs tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. Understanding that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to addiction, they provide personalized care plans that adapt to the specific requirements of their clients.

Their services begin with a thorough assessment of the client’s physical and mental health needs. This assessment ensures the formation of a detailed treatment plan that may include Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), counseling, and support for co-occurring mental health issues. Evidence-based therapies such as Suboxone, Sublocade, and Vivitrol are integral parts of their approach, aiding in reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

In addition to these treatments, clients at Full Of Life Recovery Center may also engage in:


With a strong emphasis on a team-based approach, they ensure a supportive environment that includes professionals experienced in medicine, nursing, and psychology. This diverse support system helps clients navigate through the challenging journey of recovery with greater ease and understanding.

Each program is delivered within a setting that resembles a home-like environment, offering a comfortable space for healing and rehabilitation. By maintaining an upscale yet affordable care structure, Full Of Life Recovery Center ensures that essential services are accessible to those in need without compromising on quality.

For individuals seeking immediate assistance, rapid response is a priority. Full Of Life urges potential clients to initiate contact for an intake within 24 hours, demonstrating their commitment to providing timely support in the face of addiction challenges. Their dedication to addressing drug addiction and alcohol abuse with high-quality care reflects their mission to foster successful and lasting recoveries.

By removing barriers and personalizing the journey toward sobriety, Full Of Life stands as a cornerstone addiction treatment facility in New Jersey, proving that effective rehab can also be responsive and patient-centered.

Therapeutic Programs To Treat Addiction

Drug rehab in New Jersey is the best way to help treat addiction to these harmful substances. At Full of Life Recovery Center, we offer care to those who are struggling with addiction to drugs. To treat addiction to drugs like heroin and fentanyl the best course of action is to begin therapeutic remedies, and those remedies include trauma therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT).


Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of talk therapy that has been proven effective in the treatment of drug addiction. During this form of therapy, unhealthy and unproductive ways of thinking are addressed and the goal is to change the negative ways of thinking into positive ones. Drug rehab in New Jersey can utilize this form of therapy to help those struggling with drug addiction recognize how thinking affects their behaviors.


Dialectical behavioral therapy is used to help those who feel emotions intensely. It helps by teaching someone to feel the feelings, accept them for what they are, and eventually know that they will pass. Using drugs as a means of coping with these feelings is an unhealthy coping mechanism, and DBT helps to initiate healthier ways of coping so that turning to drugs no longer occurs.


Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) helps those who are struggling with drugs to process and work through traumas that may contribute to their addiction. Using EMDR for trauma processing during drug rehab in New Jersey has been proven to assist those who struggle with traumatic events in life, and use drugs to cope. This form of therapy uses specific eye movements to help process trauma and helps to prevent these events from having a continued negative effect on a person’s life.

Benefits of Drug Addiction Treatment In Marlton NJ

The benefits of drug treatment are vast. Addiction is a beast and ruins the lives of not only those who are struggling but often the lives of the loved ones around them. Family members and friends who watch as someone they love goes down a path of destruction end up feeling just as much anguish and pain as the person who is struggling. Drug rehab in New Jersey can help to end this cycle of pain and heartache. It can help to get the loved one back to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Not only can it help to remove the drugs from the system, but it can help to teach them new ways of thinking and processing things that happen in everyday life. These daily stressors and inconveniences often lead people to use substances to cope, and learning how to handle them and not use substances is vital to learning to live life without drugs. Proper care and treatment during such a vulnerable time is crucial to ensuring the most positive outcome from drug rehab in New Jersey.

Finding Drug Rehab In Marlton NJ

Those who struggle with drug addiction don’t have to continue down the road alone, there is help. The life-altering effects of drug addiction can be stopped, life can return to normal. If you or a loved one are struggling, Full of Life can help. We offer comprehensive care, personalized to the individual. Call us today and begin a life of recovery from addiction to these harmful substances.

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I recommend this facility 100%. If you put in the work, their program truly works! Thank you, Full Of Life Recovery Center, for all you have provided me with! The life tools I learned while there I still use on a daily basis. Beyond that, I found the facility safe, comfortable, and quite frankly beautiful. If you want help. Reach out to this facility, you won’t regret it!
John L.
Amazing facility! I have been to a bunch of different places and this is one of the best by far that I have ever been to. There was so much help that I truly needed at the time. I could have not been more thankful to have been to such a great program with staff who actually care about you and want to see you do better.
Katie R.
Before coming to Full Of Life Recovery Center I was homeless on the streets of Philadelphia with nothing to my name, but a terrible addiction. With no hope or purpose, I wanted to die. There wasn’t any light at the end of the tunnel. When I got to Full Of Life Recovery Center, my hope and faith were restored! I finally had the desire to live again! The facility is beautiful and the staff is truly amazing. The group therapy sessions and individual counseling dove deep and led me to address and heal from the deep-rooted issues that were holding my recovery back! Thank you Full Of Life Recovery Center!
Jason H.
Full Of Life Recovery Center is a gift for those who are willing to accept what is offered in their programs. Thankfully my family has become a recipient of that gift. My son’s continued, long-term sobriety is, in large part, a result of the time he spent at Full Of Life Recovery Center’s drug and alcohol rehab program. The support he received and still receives from counseling to alumni meetings has been the foundation of his recovery. Thank you to everyone at Full Of Life Recovery Center for being in our lives!
Sophia R.

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We believe that quality addiction and alcoholism treatment should be accessible and affordable. Therefore, we work with most insurance companies across the United States.